Smart Home Technologies Part II


Special Guest

Dr. Michael L. Simpson

Professor at The University of Tennessee joins The Housing Hour this week to continue our discussion on Smart Home Technologies.  Dr. Simpson brings his superior knowledge and quick, biting whit to make this one of the most informative and fun hours you’ll  spend in a long time.

Dr. Michael L. Simpson is the founding Principal Investigator of the Molecular-Scale Engineering and Nanoscale Technologies (MENT) Research Group currently located at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee. He is the Thrust Area Leader for the Nanofabrication Research Laboratory that will be located at Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s (ORNL) Center for Nanophase Material Science (one of five Department of Energy Nanoscience Research Centers) that began construction in April 2003. He received a Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee (UT) in Electrical Engineering in 1991 and is now a UT/ORNL Joint Faculty Member.

Mike’s academic appointments are in the Materials Science and Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering Departments at the rank of Professor, and he is a participating faculty member in the Center for Environmental Biotechnology and Tennessee Advanced Materials Laboratory Research Centers of Excellence. His research interests lie at the intersection of physical and life sciences with a particular focus on the analysis and modeling of information transport in biological systems and the development of molecular-scale interfaces between whole cells and nanostructured synthetic substrates. Mike has authored more than 90 papers and holds nineteen patents.

His papers include Shaping carbon nanostructures by controlling the synthesis process, Frequency domain analysis of noise in autoregulated gene circuits, Alignment mechanism of carbon nanofibers produced by plasma-enhanced chemical-vapor deposition, Whole-cell biocomputing, Fabrication of dissimilar metal electrodes with nanometer interelectrode distance for molecular electronic device characterization, Rewiring the cell: synthetic biology moves towards higher functional complexity, and Accelerating Gene Regulatory Network Modeling Using Grid-Based Simulation.

His patents include Bioluminescent bioreporter integrated circuit devices and methods for detecting estrogen, Methods for cell-based combinatorial logic, Controlled non-normal alignment of catalytically grown nanostructures in a large-scale synthesis process, Individually addressable cathodes with integrated focusing stack or detectors, Integrated CMOS spectrometers, Ion beam profile analyzer with noise compensation, Charge trapping correction in photon detector systems, and Simultaneous CT and SPECT tomography using CZT detectors.


The Tax Cat: Evonne Kautz


Special Guest

Evonne M. Kautz, EA

‘The Tax Cat’

joins The Housing Hour this week to begin our newest and most important series(Thank you Robert Carter) on personal and business tax returns and planning. Evonne M. Kautz shares her 10 years experience including  Income Tax Return Preparation (Personal, Corporate, Non-Profit, State, and Amendments), Tax Planning, and Representation of Clients before the Internal Revenue Service.  Also, Small Business Services encompassing Bookkeeping, Payroll, State Taxation, Business Planning, and Notary Services.

Today’s Topics:

How does the new tax law affect you and your family?

Robert Carter

Big Thank You to MIG’s very own Robert Carter for connecting ‘The Tax Cat’ with The Housing Hour.

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Conventional, FHA, THDA, VA, Interest Only, First-Time Buyers, Rate/Term Refinancing, Cash Out Refinancing, Rural Development, New Construction, Land/Lot, Log Homes.

The Tax Cat: Evonne Kautz

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Educational Foundation

An additional part of 5-Star is its education program to teach taxpayers the basics of tax and the importance of tax planning.  Specifically for the military, Evonne travels to bases and units to teach these fundamentals with a focus on tax savings for service members. In the civilian community, she has shared tax tips for real estate agents and rental property owners, and even a class for college-bound students and parents about paying for/tax savings for the college years.

Evonne M. Kautz:

Evonne has been practicing in the tax field for 10 years in the Knoxville area, specializing in military and small business.  She holds the EA designation, an abbreviation for Enrolled Agent, earning the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. Enrolled agent status is the highest credential the IRS awards and authorizes unlimited practice rights in tax matters such as audit, appeals, and collections.


Crazy Home Inspections Part IV



Jack Feldmann

Clayton  Inspection Service

(865) 693-7109 ph

joins us for the fourth installment of our Crazy Home Inspection  Series.   The idea for the show is not just to merely entertain but to inform our listeners about the importance of a home inspection.  You don’t need to buy a home to get one. If you have never had an inspection done or it’s been years since the last inspection, Crazy Home Inspection Series will motivate you to order one today!!!

Follow the pictures as  Jack, Kevin and Mark discuss these Crazy photos!!



Home Inspections in Knoxville and the Surrounding Area

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