Consumer Credit: Credit Plus


Special Guest

Randell  Brown

Regional Account Executive

Credit Plus, Inc

joins The Housing Hour this week to explain how consumer credit works and especially as it relates to credit scoring.. Randell also explains the meaning of FICO, Repositories  and what makes up credit scores.

If you shopping for a home today or in the near future, you don’t want to miss this important show.


“Credit Plus delivers the information and services mortgage professionals need to make smart lending decisions and help their clients. Our expertise enables us to deliver an extensive range of third-party verifications for every stage of the mortgage process – from pre-application to post closing. The Intelligent Insight we provide helps mortgage professionals mitigate risk, stay compliant, and build their business.

At Credit Plus, our motivation is not simply to be the largest verifications and information services company in the mortgage industry; rather, we are driven to be the best. We accomplish this by staying on the forefront of industry trends while marrying our customers’ needs with our experience and expertise. To that end – and by virtue of being privately held – we do not release details of our finances externally. We consider this integral to our competitive advantage. By keeping these details private, we are better able to protect our short- and long-term strategies. However, we can share with you that we are financially strong – our annual sales have quadrupled over the last few years; we are the largest privately held CRA; we have a national workforce exceeding 300 people; and we are one of the industry leaders in our space. 

A pioneer in the industry, we introduced three-bureau Undisclosed Debt Verifications; web-based credit reporting; and other innovative programs.

Today, Credit Plus offers more than 160 intelligent, time-saving products and services designed to help mortgage professionals succeed as they serve their clients better. Our expert customer support team operates like a consultant, guiding mortgage professionals toward more loan closings.”


Staying Healthy Part II


Staying Healthy Part II

Kevin Rhea with training coach and friend Sharon Rivers

Host Kevin Rhea shares his personal experience in training and running both a half   and a full marathon in the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon for 2017 and 2018.  Kevin walks our listeners through the physical and mental aspects of accomplishing such a  personal goal while staying true to his mission statement in life, “To live life to the fullest. I want to listen to God and make treasures of things he sees as treasures. That is people.  That means being the best husband, father, co-worker, uncle, friend, and employee that I can be.”

Get in shape join:

Kevin and created a video series chronicling his  commitment to  a training and the emotions that he goes through.

Check out Kevin’s website for the complete series:

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