Boating Safety: US Coast Guard Auxiliary Part II



Richard Swan

Public Affairs Officer

United States Coast Guard Auxiliary 

joins The Housing Hour this week to promote boating safety and explain the important role of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Show Topics:

  1.  Safe Boating Statistics
  2. Proper Safety Equipment
  3. Dangers of Carbon Monoxide while boating

Plus  three simple principles:

Be Safe,  Be Courteous, Be Prepared!

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The mission of the Education Department of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary is two fold: to provide exceptional boating safety education to the American public with the aim of reducing loss of life, personal injury and property damage to recreational boaters; and to deliver the highest possible quality training, resources and timely materials in support of our flotilla instructors and public education staff officers at every level who are furnishing such boating safety education.

The Coast Guard’s Division of Boating Safety’s recent Strategic Plan identifies the need for measurable goals: reduction in boating accident injuries and fatalities. The Education Department is committed to focusing its attention helping realize those goals by reaching as many people with the safe boating information as possible, especially the high risk boaters. In addition, we have these goals:

  • Develop and/or maintain up to date and effective educational materials;
  • Continue to focus on the segment of the boating public most at risk Increase flotilla-taught basic boating safety education by 10% annually;
  • Provide and promote ongoing quality instructor development;
  • Make use of appropriate technological resources;
  • Adopt e-learning as a viable way to reach boaters;
  • Utilize e-learning to challenge and grow our instructor corps;
  • Partner with outside organizations where applicable to further boating education;
  • Continue to team with the experience and expertise of the other National Departments to provide solid programs and courses.
For more information on Boating Safety in Tennessee:
Tennessee Boating Laws and Responsibilities Handbook-…/attachments/tn_handbook_entire.pdf

For Boating Safety Education in Tennessee-

For Boating Safety Classes and Test Locations-…/East-Tennessee-Testing-Locations

Richard Swan

Tennessee is where Richard calls home, having been born and raised in Knoxville; with family roots that go back many generations in East Tennessee. Richard graduated from Bearden High School and then the University of Tennessee with a degree in Broadcasting.

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Rotary Club Of Knoxville



Special Guest

T.  Allen Pannell, Jr., PhD

Lincoln Memorial University

joins The Housing Hour this week to discuss the life-saving project of the Rotary Club of Knoxville. Starting in 2015, the Rotary Club of Knoxville began a journey in Zimbabwe to reconstruct a failed dam in the village of Manyane. The results of their efforts gave the village the necessary water to save their community from potential collapse.

Why is the dam so important?

  • Watering of livestock and for crops the difference between life and death for the villagers trying to help themselves
  • 2015 El Nino responsible for a catastrophic drought with the lowest rainfall in Southern Africa since records kept since the 1880’s
  • Rainy season from December to March with average of 24” a year (Knoxvillle 60”plus)
  • Area South of Bulawayo totally dependant on surface water storage from April to November
  • Breaching of Kesari Dam a hammer blow to villagers used to receiving no help from Government and suffering periodic severe droughts
  • Currently retrieval of drinking water from river associated with significant incidence of gastroenteritis from fecal contamination
  • UNICEF forecasts up to 40% starvation by September with significant child mortality rate (20%)

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About Rotary

Rotary is an organization of business and professional leaders united worldwide who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world.

Rotary club membership represents a cross-section of the community’s business and professional men and women. The world’s Rotary clubs meet weekly and are nonpolitical, nonreligious, and open to all cultures, races, and creeds.

Rotary membership provides the opportunity to: Become connected to your community. Work with others in addressing community needs. Interact with other professionals in your community; assist with RI’s international humanitarian service efforts. Establish contacts with an international network of professionals. Develop leadership skills. Involve family in promoting service efforts.

Allen Pannell, Jr., PhD


Doctor of Philosophy in Business                  University of Tennessee                      12/2015

Statistics                                                          Knoxville, Tennessee

Master of Science                                           University of Tennessee                      5/1984

Statistics/Finance                                            Knoxville, Tennessee

Bachelor of Science                                        University of Tennessee                      5/1982

Business/Statistic                                            Knoxville, Tennessee

Executive Development Studies                     Duke University                                  8/1990

Durham, North Carolina

2015 – Present            Lincoln Memorial University             Director of Business Analytics

2009–2015                  University of Tennessee                      Faculty in Graduate and Executive

Board of Directors

1991-1993                   Tennessee Associates International    President of North American Operations

1990-1991                   Tennessee Associates International    Vice President,

Consulting Services

1984-1989                   Tennessee Associates International    Consultant

1982-1984                   Martin Marietta Energy Systems        Staff Statistician


  • Coached senior executives through major change efforts; activities included design, planning, and implementation
  • Successfully worked with numerous manufacturing and service organizations, including Baxter, Rich Products, JSC, Kraft, Coca-Cola, Ford, and Cargill in projects in­volving quality improvement, cost reduc­tion, and customer focus
  • Led a major change effort with a client that resulted in $17 million in savings over a two-year period
  • Consulting experience in such industries as automotive, chemicals, health care, and banking
  • Led numerous workshops, teaching such topics as process innovation, process and organizational re­design, SIX-SIGMA, problem solving, fundamental team concepts, leadership, change man­agement, Lean Manufacturing methods and process management
  • Led the effort to assist a biotech-manufacturing firm experiencing a 12% failure rate on a revolutionary medical equipment device. Reduced the failure rate within 90 days to 2%. As a result of this turnaround the parent company was able to sell this division for $30,000,000 more than they had been offered prior Data mining and modeling for Mail Order and membership organization