Surviving Wildfire


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Linda Masterson

Award-winning author and researcher Linda Masterson joins The Housing Hour on a  subject she knows all too well-  Surviving Wildfire!

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The 6-page companion pocket guide is jam packed with handy checklists and places for you to record your personal information and contacts. Speaking from firsthand experience…you’ll find this invaluable when the pressure is on to evacuate and every minute counts.
Checklists include an insurance checkup, putting together your Vital Information and Emergency Evacuation kits, creating a family disaster plan, important stuff to gather, how to stay alert during wildfire season, and the GO NOW! Evacuation Guide.


Surviving Wildfire

What you do long before a wildfire strikes can help save your home. What you do during a wildfire can help save your life. And if you do lose your home, being prepared for the worst will make it easier to put your life back together.

Author and researcher Linda Masterson knows what it’s like to flee a wall of flames in the middle of night, with just minutes to escape with her life and very little else. Her home in northern Colorado burned to the ground in the Crystal Fire in 2011. Now she’s sifted through information, resources and expert advice from across the country to put together a practical handbook for homeowners who want to be better prepared if disaster strikes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“The County staff reviewed Surviving Wildfire and everyone agreed: this is a great, comprehensive resource. It should be mandatory reading for anyone living in the WUI. I know I could’ve benefited greatly by this book in my role as Fire Recovery Manager. I will certainly urge homeowners to read it and get prepared.”
Garry Sanfacon, Fire Recovery Manager
Boulder County Fourmile Canyon, Colorado