About “The Housing Hour”


The Housing Hour was developed for the customers and potential customers of Mortgage Investors Group. The show idea was centered on supplying our listening audience with an entertaining and informative program that encompasses all aspect of the Housing industry. Kevin Rhea, the Host, has the main goal of keeping the show interesting and continually driving information out to the 5 State listening audiences through unique guest interviews and topical news stories. Kevin’s co-host, Mark Griffith, adds over 25 years of Mortgage Lending experience that gives the show a rich, deep housing perspective.

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In business since 1989, Mortgage Investors Group is Tennessee’s leading independent mortgage lender. The Company provides a diversified line of residential mortgage products, including conforming and non-conforming loan types. Mortgage Investors Group corporate headquarters is located in Knoxville, TN. The retail network has sixteen branches; (16) in Tennessee, (1) in Arkansas, and (1) in Missouri. The Direct Lending Community Banking network is located within the corporate headquarters, and has banking relationships in Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama and Arkansas. Mortgage loans are originated through retail offices, broker networks and community banking arrangements.

Mortgage Investors Group has experienced steady growth; originating $24 million in its first full year of operation in 1990, to closing over $1.3 billion in 2009. The company’s production will exceed $2 billion annually, as they continue to establish branches throughout the Southeast. Mortgage Investors Group is an approved Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae seller/servicer, FHA/VA lender and member of Lenders One Mortgage Cooperative.

Since the company’s inception, it has been dedicated to providing the industry’s cutting edge mortgage products and consultative services to clients. The focus on the practical use of technology has earned a position of leadership in the mortgage industry. As one of the first companies in Tennessee to embrace in-house Automated Underwriting, it utilizes enhanced services in Processing, Appraisal and Closing. The automation of Loan Prospector, Desktop Underwriter, and other automated underwriting Systems at the point of sale, enhances the services Mortgage Investors Group provides to clients.

Offering extensive experience, first-class customer service and an ambitious originating team, Mortgage Investors Group has a proven track record that allows them to rise above the competition. A companywide commitment of professionalism, coupled with a substantial mortgage product menu, provides a customer experience unlike any other lender.

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