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The Last Present Under The Tree

The Housing Hour November 7, 2019

The Last Present Under The Tree (Reflections of a Christmas past ) Sometimes it’s hard for people to point out one Christmas memory. Memories-most typically-are collective thoughts of annual traditions strung out over the course of several years. If you asked a person, ‘What’s your favorite Christmas memory?’ Many would […]

The Tax Cat

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Residential Rental Investment Strategies

The Housing Hour September 4, 2019

Special Guests Evonne Kautz and Roger Frantz joins The Housing Hour this week to discuss important tips and strategies when becoming a residential rental real estate investor. Roger has dozens of years of experience as a landlord and his suggestions and ideas will give our listeners valuable information. Evonne is […]

The Legacy Series


Legacy of Woodstock

The Housing Hour August 7, 2019

Special Guest Terry Adams Adams Law Firm Terry Adams joins The Housing Hour this week to reflect on one of our countries most iconic weekends ‘ Woodstock ’69’. Terry, Kevin, and Mark discuss the ‘Legacy of Woodstock’ and the impact of the countercultural movement. Terry has a unique background, having […]


Crossroads Ministries -Oak Ridge

The Housing Hour May 30, 2018

Special Guest Cora Rhew Executive Director Crossroads Ministries joins The Housing Hour this week to share her long time passion for helping homeless and/or at-risk single moms and their young children. Cora founded Crossroads Ministry in 2002 while housing a single mom, her baby, and her 14-year-old sister for six […]

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YMCA Community Giving Gardens

The Housing Hour May 10, 2018

Special Guest   Ellen Morar  Garden Director from the YMCA Community Giving Gardens joins The Housing Hour to discuss the three community gardens located in Knoxville.    The gardens provide fresh produce to those without access in the Knoxville area. Wonderful partners like  Sow True Seed, Innovative Garden Supply,Cutting Edge Solutions, […]

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Smart Home Technologies Part II

The Housing Hour February 22, 2018

Special Guest Dr. Michael L. Simpson Professor at The University of Tennessee joins The Housing Hour this week to continue our discussion on Smart Home Technologies.  Dr. Simpson brings his superior knowledge and quick, biting whit to make this one of the most informative and fun hours you’ll  spend in […]


Crazy Home Inspections Part IV

The Housing Hour February 1, 2018

SpecialGuest Jack Feldmann Clayton  Inspection Service (865) 693-7109 ph joins us for the fourth installment of our Crazy Home Inspection  Series.   The idea for the show is not just to merely entertain but to inform our listeners about the importance of a home inspection.  You don’t need to buy a […]


UnChosen: Surviving Job Loss

The Housing Hour April 27, 2017

Special Guests Greg Chambers and Peter Jones joins The Housing Hour this week to discuss their new book, UnChosen: Surviving The Emotional Trauma Of Job Loss. Greg and Peter masterfully describe the emotional trauma inflicted on individuals and families from the sudden unexpected impact of job loss.  While explaining the […]


Homeownership: A Tool for Community Development

The Housing Hour March 21, 2017

Homeownership: A Tool for Community Development by Mark W. Griffith While becoming a homeowner is a dream for many, it can also be seen as a tool and a very useful one at that. When viewed through that lens, housing professionals realize homeownership helps strengthen and revitalize communities, while building […]