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Housing and the Presidential Election

The Housing Hour October 20, 2016

Housing and the Presidential Election By Steve Kleber The housing crisis is an issue that needs to be faced and tackled by the next administration. Both presidential candidates have contrasting stances on the issue along with different backgrounds. Trump, a real estate mogul, should be better for housing, but […]

Leave it to Kleber

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Leave it to Kleber: Housing and the Election

The Housing Hour October 18, 2016

Special Guest Steve Kleber of Kleber & Associates, joins The Housing Hour this week to talk about the 2016 presidential elections and how the candidate’s policies could affect the housing market. Steve is an expert in national housing trends and shares his expertise on topics for this show which include: […]

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The Haunted Housing Hour

The Housing Hour October 10, 2016

Destination America’s TV Ghost Hunting Team Paranormal Technology Investigations   Special Guest:   Sequoyah Hills Home Investigation During a spirit box session at the Sequoyah Hills home, Kathy and Robb isolate the activity as being Catherine’s husband Mark’s side of the family. They voice captured here is a breathy “Mark” […]

Leave it to Kleber

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Steve Kleber: Smart Technologies For Homes

The Housing Hour June 15, 2016

Steve Kleber  Kleber & Associates (K&A) joins The Housing Hour to continue the series, ‘Leave It To Kleber‘ and discuss the hottest trend-Smart Technologies for Homes! Steve founded Kleber and Associates in 1987. An Atlanta-based full-service marketing agency which specializes in the home and building channel, K&A works in partnership […]


Radon Gas Danger

The Housing Hour June 1, 2016

Special Guest Jack Feldmann, owner of Clayton Inspection Service, joins our show this week to discuss the dangers of Radon Gas in your home. Radon Gas disrupts and mutates cells and can, eventually, result in lung cancer. Radon is estimated to be the second leading cause of lung cancer in […]


Surviving Wildfire

The Housing Hour May 10, 2016

Author Linda Masterson Award-winning author and researcher Linda Masterson joins The Housing Hour on a  subject she knows all too well-  Surviving Wildfire! Also  The 6-page companion pocket guide is jam packed with handy checklists and places for you to record your personal information and contacts. Speaking from firsthand experience…you’ll […]


Improving Our Communities

The Housing Hour April 6, 2016

Special Guests Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero and Inky Johnson Improving Our Communities:   MAYOR MADELINE ROGERO On Saturday, Dec. 17, 2011, Madeline Rogero was sworn in as the City of Knoxville’s first female Mayor. The Mayor has responsibility for the administration of all city government programs and services. Administrative oversight, […]


Elderly Home Healthcare: End Of Life

The Housing Hour December 17, 2015

Steve Peek,First Baptist Church Concord, starts our new Elderly Home Healthcare Series with a discussion on End of Life and spiritual care. So often, family members busy themselves in caring and trying to cure their loved ones’ from disease or illness, that we resist facing that the end is near. […]