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A Mother’s Prayer Answered

The Housing Hour February 5, 2013

Mortgage Investors Group I met Mary through a referral partner of mine, Gordon White.  I provide home financing and Mary needed a home.  She had found a little house that was the home of her dreams. “Rick”, she said, “I have said my prayers many times and I know that God will get me in that house.” She went on to explain the horrible living circumstances she and her children were in.  They lived in a trailer park full of drugs and crime.

Here is a brief outline of Mary’s situation: She is a single mother with three kids, her husband abandoned them in 1996 and she lost her house and was forced into bankruptcy in 1999. She has several health problems. She never received any child support from the children’s father. Mary and her children were living on her minimal Social Security disability check, a small AFDC check, and food stamps.

After reviewing her file I had the unpleasant job of telling her we could not do anything at this time.  She had a good pay history on the trailer for three years, but she didn’t have the income or the down payment.  Mary was not crestfallen.

She knew she would get that house. When I hung up the phone I thought, what have I missed? I then called the Realtor and told him. I know he had those typical Realtor thoughts. Dang it! I sent you a live prospect and you can’t even get them approved.

Several weeks went by and Mary called me. Shed asked me if I had seen the news on TV. Mary was in her trailer one morning taking a shower. She got out and went to the kitchen to look for rinse that was normally in the shower. Meanwhile, a truck was barreling through the trailer park headed towards her trailer-KAABLAM!!!

Yes indeed it did hit her trailer right square in the bathroom where Mary had just come from. Now Mary is not a large person. Mary was unhurt, but if she had been in that bathroom she probably wouldn’t be here today. I thought, what in world would have happened to her children if she had been killed. Of course Mary looked at this as a positive!  She said she was going to get some money as a result of the incident. Also, she said she had received word from Social Security that her youngest son’s request for disability had been approved.  The first check would be received in January and a lump sum would be coming soon. The rest of the good news was that the court had lassoed her ex and ordered him to pay child support.

Now I was really excited! Mary’s prayers had been answered! I know had what I needed to get her approved! OK, get me the documents!!! A loan officer’s cry, I called the realtor and asked him to write a contract.

After some trials and tribulations during underwriting we made it to closing.  Mary’s prayers were answered with the keys to her new home.  Her kids were safe and the threat of being run over by a truck in the middle of the night had subsided.  Mary was so grateful to everyone who helped her realize her American Dream.  I feel like I helped answer a mother’s prayer.

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