Black Friday: Let The Shopping Begin!

By Mark Griffith Mortgage Investors Group Branch Manager- Oak Ridge Co-Host of The Housing Hour
By Mark Griffith
Mortgage Investors Group
Branch Manager- Oak Ridge
Co-Host of The Housing Hour






Black Friday: Let The Shopping Begin!

macys-holiday-light-show-2011-680uwThe day after Thanksgiving, aka Black Friday, is the biggest shopping day of the year. The origins of the term ‘Black Friday’ have become legendary all on its own. Some people point to the massive chaotic shopping mobs that would invade large cities hunting deals and the local law enforcement agencies pointing to the day as ‘Black’ because of the massive difficulties that it would create. While some point to an accounting ledger entries with ‘red’ meaning negative in earning and the day after Thanksgiving going from ‘red’ to positive earnings or ‘black’. Still others point to a nebulous article printed in some unnamed industrial magazine sighting the epidemic of employees ‘calling in sick’ the day after Thanksgiving as being, “a disease second only to the bubonic plague” implying the day that the population succumbs to Black Death..

Regardless of where the term originated the season typically begins with retailers inserting advertising pieces into local Sunday newspapers around the country. Avid shoppers will prepare their meticulously detailed shopping list weeks in advance, some lining up days before, braving all sorts of weather conditions, just to be one of the first of the stampeding hoards through the front doors.

It is curious, with all the elbows being thrown and shoppers being trampled the name Black Eye Friday doesn’t catch on. Regardless of what it’s called, the day after
Thanksgiving, aka Black Friday, is the mother of all shopping days.

macysBut how did this most exciting, yet life threatening, shopping day start?
Hist oric fingers loosely point to one of the largest retailer of its day, Macy’s. The Macy’s Christmas Day Parade began in 1924 on Thanksgiving day as a way to honor their immigrant workers who wanted show to their thankfulness to the country that had given them a new beginning. But once the iconic retailer realized the power of the parade, the event became an annual celebration with the focus on retail marketing. What better way to bring thousands of potential shoppers to your front door, the day before the official Christmas shopping season starts, than by offering a wonderful parade full of clowns, balloons and candy? The parade was renamed to The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade  with its purposeful marketing angle at the end of the parade with that  unspoken but very clear, message from Santa, ‘Thanksgiving is over, let the shopping begin!’