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Special Interview: Magic Mulch

The Housing Hour May 26, 2013

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Special Guest: Chris McComas


Magic Mulch

What is Magic Mulch?

Magic Mulch is a 100% recycled product made from used tires. The tires are removed of all metal and wire, and then de-oiled to prevent dry rotting. It is finely shredded to mimic the look of wood mulch.


How long does it last?

Magic Mulch rubber does not break down, disintegrate, erode or biodegrade. The natural black uncoated mulch, which mimics the look of midnight black wood mulch, is likely to last forever (guaranteed for 10 years). The brown and red mulch is coated with a polyurethane organic dye and is guaranteed to hold its color for 10 years. The dye will not wash or rub off.


How is it installed?

We sell our mulch in 40lb, 60lb and 2,000lb Bags. We recommend laying a fabric weed blocker down before installing the mulch. This will not only help prevent weeds from growing, but will also protect the mulch from sinking into loose soil over the 10+ duration. If you chose to use a fabric, however, make sure you secure it very well with fabric pins to ensure it does not ride up and show. We also recommend some sort of edging or border to prevent wash away due to flooding.


Is it hard to maintain?

Magic Mulch is a very low maintenance product. Once you lay it down, it will not change for 10+ years. If you get leaves in the mulch you must use a leaf blower on the lowest setting to remove them. Keep the leaf blower approximately 2 feet away from the mulch and never use a higher blower setting.

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