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Air Date 8/24/13: ObamaCare Survival Guide- Author Nick Tate

The Housing Hour August 22, 2013

Protect Your Family Series

Special Guest: Nick J. Tate

Get ObamaCare Survival Guide Only $4.95 (plus s/h) With This Special Offer!

Are You Prepared to Survive ObamaCare?

Warning: What You Don’t Know About ObamaCare Could Hurt You . . .
As an American, the ramifications of ObamaCare will soon hit you — whether you are retired or still working, unemployed or a business owner, robustly healthy or suffering from some pre-existing medical condition.

For better or worse, the Supreme Court has ruled President Barack Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act constitutional; major provisions of the Act are set to start shortly.

The only reasonable course of action now is to be prepared for the big changes coming, because these changes will hit ill-prepared Americans hard.

These changes will not only affect how much your health insurance, medical treatment, and prescription drugs will cost you and your family . . .

They will also affect the type and quality of healthcare you can expect to get in the near future. Shockingly, 40% of doctors plan to stop practicing clinical medicine under ObamaCare. Plus, with 30 million more Americans becoming insured healthcare users — and far fewer doctors — you can expect long waits to receive treatment from doctors who are pressured to see more patients per day.

Get ObamaCare Survival Guide Only $4.95 (plus s/h) With This Special Offer!

And when it comes to deciphering how your health and your bank account will be impacted by ObamaCare, it’s like the blind leading the blind out there . . .

Dick Morris:
“If you really want to find out how ObamaCare affects you, your family, your business, there is just one book to read — The ObamaCare Survival Guide by Nick Tate. It reveals the shocking impact of this radical plan.”

Because, while ObamaCare will affect each and every American, very few have actually waded through its 2,700 pages of legal mumbo-jumbo to translate what these new rules and regulations will mean to your everyday life.

Now anytime you head out to an uncharted destination, you’d best take a map and a compass with you.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what you’ll find in the ObamaCare Survival Guide, a new book written in simple language by award-winning journalist and health author Nick J. Tate.

The book’s publisher, Humanix, wants you to become a more informed healthcare consumer, so you can not only survive ObamaCare, but make it work for you — not against you.

Even Donald Trump has praised ObamaCare Survive Guide and encourages every American to read it: “The ObamaCare Survival Guide is terrific — must read for anyone who is worried about getting good healthcare for themselves or their employees.”

That’s why the publisher has allowed our readers to get this $19.95 book — the ObamaCare Survival Guide — for only $4.95 with this special offer (plus s/h). You save over $10!

Nicholas J. Tate is an award-winning journalist, editor, an author who has written extensively about health, business, technology, finance, music, and consumer affairs issues. His work has appeared in Newsmax Magazine, The Miami Herald, South Florida Sun Sentinel, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Boston Herald, Health Radar Newsletter, and other print and online publications. Following a fellowship at the Harvard School of Public Health, he authored his first book, The Sick Building Syndrome.  He is also an experienced educator whose background includes teaching health/science journalism as an adjunct professor at Emory University in Atlanta, as well as conducting a variety of training seminars for college students, scientists, doctors, business executives, and public relations specialists in the area of health communications. Nick Take currently resides in South Florida, where he enjoys success as an independent writer, editor, online producer, and teacher.

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