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The Haunted Housing Hour

The Housing Hour October 10, 2016


Destination America’s TV Ghost Hunting Team

Paranormal Technology Investigations



Special Guest:


Sequoyah Hills Home Investigation

During a spirit box session at the Sequoyah Hills home, Kathy and Robb isolate the activity as being Catherine’s husband Mark’s side of the family. They voice captured here is a breathy “Mark”

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    The Haunted Housing Hour
    The Housing Hour

During the same session, a stronger voice saying “Mark” can be heard.

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    The Haunted Housing Hour
    The Housing Hour

After the voice say Mark another male voice says, “Cathy” and immediately  Robb say,’Did you say Cathy?’

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    The Haunted Housing Hour
    The Housing Hour


Robb Phillips and Kathy Shepard

Oujia Board is a dangerous thing according to our guests:


You can watch their investigation on Destination America: The Haunting!

The Haunted Housing Hour

In October 2011, Amelia and Calvin Braddy move into an 19th century house in Hampton, Tennessee. Calvin works maintenance at a restaurant while Amelia is a stay at home mother to their two young children five year old Sarah and one year old Chelsea. One morning Amelia hears noises and looks around, but finds nothing that is causing it. Days later, Amelia hears a voice of a child and believes it’s Sarah calling her. The baseboard heater is then mysteriously ripped off the wall in the girls’ bedroom causing spark and smoke. After the firefighters come, one of them tells Amelia about the history in the place how a mother accidentally caused a fire that killed her and her three children a decade earlier. Sarah then begins talking to “imaginary friends” who quickly scare her, which turn out to be the spirit of the children who were killed. Amelia, a believer of the paranormal, tries to convince Calvin of the haunting. Calvin however doesn’t believe her, but the next day he comes face to face with a dark figure while Amelia is out shopping with the girls. He keeps it to himself to not worry Amelia. One night, the dark figure returns sucking the life out of Calvin while he’s sleeping. He believes it’s not the children behind it. With no family to turn to or having the money to move, the family is stuck is the house. After several more incidents, Amelia calls paranormal investigator Robb Phillips who lives in nearby Jonesborough, Tennessee to help them. He and his assistant Kathy Shephard uncover that the house was one a half-way house for male prisoners in the 1920s and a man was shot outside on the porch. Amelia is attacked during the investigation by a demonic entity that Rob and Kathy believe are holding the other spirits captive. They hold a ritual in an attempt to rid the house of the evil entity once and set the other spirits free. However several days later, Chelsea is beginning to walk, and while Amelia has her back turned, she comes to realize that the demon has unlocked the door to the high balcony and put Chelsea out there. Panicking, Amelia bangs on the door and tries to unlock the door and it finally opens, so she can carry Chelsea to safety. The family decides to move out of the house. With the children safe with their grandma, Calvin and Amelia pack up, and as they are about to leave, the doors and windows slam and shut, trying to trap them. Luckily Calvin and Amelia run out of the house to safety.

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Robb and Kathy’s Personal Stories

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