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On September 11, 2001 my mom and I were on our way home from a long European vacation.

I remember sitting in the terminal at Gatwick Airport re-living the prior two weeks in my head.  My mom and I had visited Ireland, Russia, France and England. I had the time of my life and was just disappointed that it was all coming to an end. I was headed back to Atlanta for another week of selling vitamins and gold cards at my GNC store that I managed in Buckhead. I recall wanting to be closer to home.  Spending time with her made me realize just how much I missed Tennessee.

We loaded up on our Boeing 777 Delta flight 11 traveling from Gatwick to Atlanta.

As we made our way into the air my mind drifted. I just felt something tugging at my heart.  I put my head phones on and fell asleep.

I don’t recall exactly how many hours had passed, but I do know that we were over the ocean coming into United States airspace.   The music in my headphones was temporarily interrupted. It was the voice of a noticeably shaken pilot.

What happened next will be etched in my mind for the rest of eternity.

“Ladies and Gentlemen….I need……you… to listen to me very carefully. There has been an attack on the United States. Two commercial planes have flown into the World Trade Center. The United States airspace has been closed and we are being diverted to another location.”

The terror I felt over every inch of my body was intense. I thought I was going to die. I knew we were close to New York because we had the GPS system playing on our screen. He mentioned two planes. Could our plane have hijackers on it? Was this a full scale attack on America and here I was sitting right in the middle of it?  If I died what would happen? Could I survive a plane crash?  These are not questions that I ask myself every day.  A few moments later the pilot came back on and gave us additional information. We were flying to St. Johns Newfoundland until further direction from the United States was given. I was scared.

St. Johns NewfoundlandWe landed in Canada. This Canadian airport was an international airport. It serviced one international flight per week. 27 international Jumbo jets were now sitting on her tarmac.  How long would we have to be on this plane? The pilot only told us to try and relax. I had my video camera and videotaped fighter jets in the air and soldiers with machine guns guarding each plane. I am sorry but relaxing is not what I was doing.  Mom and I were on the phone with my sister Andrea and she was really shook up.  We didn’t know what to tell her because we really didn’t know anything.

I was asking myself a lot of questions.  I had a long time to answer these questions, because the pilot came on the PA system and told us that they were going to unload one plane at a time. They had to search each plane and each passenger. This would take around an hour per plane from smallest to biggest and we were one of the biggest planes that had been diverted there. Well, 19 hours passed before we greeted Canadian soil.  We were carefully brought off the plane. Security was at high alert.  We were greeted by armed guards, some with machine guns.  After making it through customs they loaded us all on buses where they transported us to the local hockey arena which they were using as the central transportation center for all diverted passengers.

When we walked into the arena it was the first time any of us had seen it. There it was on the jumbotron. You could see the planes slamming into each building. The planes looked eerily similar to our plane.  Most Americans watched this horrific tragedy in the comfort of their own home. Mom and I were on uncomfortable seats, had been awake for two days, and had just spent over 20+ hours on a plane.  We still had NO idea what was going on. My heart sank for those who were killed.  I could not even imagine how horrific it was for the families.  My heart aches for them to this day.

Each plane was assigned a section of seats in the arena. We had time to get to know some of our fellow passengers. There was the Director of Communications for Coca Cola UK. There was a VP for a Video Tech company in America. There was a couple that was on their honeymoon. There were so many others but these to just name a few.

Finally we were told that they would transport us to our Hotel. Actually, it was Holy Heart High School. Not really a bed and breakfast. The people were amazing there. The care and love that they showed us made it abundantly clear that God was in control.

We were assigned to the Science room on the second floor. We had about 15 or so people in our room. We were so exhausted so we decided to try and sleep for a few hours. I couldn’t sleep because A) The floor was hard B) The snoring and C) I felt like I had been skinned alive and thrown into the ocean.

The community came together and put their collective arms around us.  I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the way we were treated. They brought us food, sang for us and invited us into their homes. They took us on a tour of their beautiful city which we learned was the eastern most city in North America. They even took us on a boat to show us around.  I found out that the remains of the Titanic were only a short boat trip away. There was actually a group docked in St. Johns that was shooting a documentary about it.   It was the director for the movie Titanic and some other folks.

I had several days in Canada to reflect on my life. What had I accomplished? I was the Region 2 #1 Gold card seller at GNC. I was ranked nationally for my sales per hour and profit margins. But what had I really accomplished.  I could feel God tugging at my heart. He had something in store for me which wasn’t completely clear yet.

So after 4 days we were finally given word that we would be going home. I had mixed emotions. I really didn’t want to get back on a plane, but I really wanted to go home to my apartment in Atlanta.  A week in the bed and several bags of cheetoes is just what I needed.  There was thunderous applause as we lifted off the ground.  The trip home was very solemn. I felt relief and terror all at the same time. The last four days felt like four years. We were the first diverted plane to arrive back in to Atlanta. When we touched down we all cheered and whistled as if we had just scored the winning touchdown to beat Florida in overtime.   As we taxied back to the terminal the Delta employees clearly wanted us to know just how much they cared. There were hundreds of Airport employees lining our route as we taxied in with flags and banners that said, “WELCOME HOME” and “WE LOVE THE USA.” I could not help but to cry, as did most the passengers on the plane. Seeing those American flags and people cheering made me feel safe. Unfortunately, the victims and their families will never feel safe again.  I pray every day for the families.

This was a major moment in American history. It was also a major moment in Kevin’s history. I needed something to change.  I had made changes in my life, but there was something more that I needed to do and God was showing me.  I believe that God was calling me to come back home to Tennessee.  I had lived in Atlanta for over 3 years and I had my Aunt and many friend here.  I needed time to collect my thoughts and let God show me the way.

Then something amazing happened.

I received a job opportunity in Knoxville. With the counsel of my Mom, Dad and those around me, I decided to jump on it.

I came home in April 2002. God works in such amazing ways. I started my new job on May 1, 2002 and my future wife, Pam, started two weeks later.  We started dating in August and I proposed to her one year to the day after our first date, August 11, 2003. We got married on December 20, 2003 and then found out we were having our first child on October 21, 2004. Olivia was born on June 6, 2005. We found out that we were having a little boy on June 18, 2007. Patrick Callaghan Rhea was born on February 22, 2008.

I owe all of this to God. He had a plan for me. Part of His plan is for me to share with Olivia and Patrick the love and Grace of our Lord. His Grace is so incredible in my life. I have problems like the rest of humanity. I have anxiety, loneliness, fear and times of hopelessness. The difference today is that I have a purpose. That purpose is becoming clearer, but part of it is to share His love with others.  I need to get out of my shell and spread the Good News…God has a plan for you too!

September 11 is a day of remembrance for us all. I also use it as a time to reflect on my life.  Where have I been and where am I going.  I regularly get off track and I constantly need to be reminded that God loves me no matter what. It’s easy to let life take over and I start to forget what is most important in my life.

My prayers are with all of the family members who are still suffering with the events of that day. I pray that they may find peace and understanding from a world that knows not these things. I pray for the salvation of a nation that does not know the Truth. Not the truth about worldly things, but the Truth that God loves them.

To all of my fellow passengers in life: I hope and pray that along this journey I might be able to give something back to you. Maybe a kind word or encouraging smile is what you will need. Whatever that is, I hope that God, not me, is in the middle and you have the window seat.

God Bless

Tennessee Valley Realty Associates



Special Guests

julieJulie Thacker

Property Manager

Tennessee Valley Realty Associates


Robert Carter


Senior Loan Officer

Mortgage Investors Group. RCbanner

Tennessee Valley Realty Associates



Julie Anderson Thacker is a licensed REALTOR and property manager with Tennessee Valley Realty Associates.  Julie has a dual degree from the University of Tennessee in Classic Civilizations and Political Science.  She began as a property manager in 2005 focusing on multifamily properties.  From 2006 – 2012, Julie specialized in commercial real estate sales and leasing.  She has been with Tennessee Valley Realty Associates since 2012 and has taken the property management division from 4 single family homes to 100+ single family homes.


Robert Carter:

It was after financing my own home with MIG that I decided that I wanted to be part of a company that treats its customers with the professionalism I was shown during the purchase of my own home. It was at this point that I began the transition from a successful career as an International Airline Pilot working with Department of Defense Contractors to becoming a Loan Officer at MIG. I understand that purchasing your home is the largest financial transaction you will make in your lifetime, and I take the responsibility of guiding my clients through the process just as seriously as landing a jumbo jet in a hostile foreign land. Not only is it my job to find the best loan product for each individual, but also equally important is explaining every step in the process of fulfilling the American dream of home ownership. My in-house Processor, Closer, and Underwriters have decades of experience in the mortgage industry, and they are just as committed as me in getting your transaction done as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Apply Online @ CloseWithCarter.Com “Turning Contracts Into Closings”

Conventional, FHA, THDA, VA, Interest Only, First-Time Buyers, Rate/Term Refinancing, Cash Out Refinancing, Rural Development, New Construction, Land/Lot, Log Homes.



The Housing Hour



Host Kevin Rhea discusses several topics including  next weeks special broadcast with Knoxville Mayor Madeline  Rogero and Inky Johnson: “How Can We Improve Our Communities”.

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The Housing Hour is Live!

Posted by Kevin Rhea on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Housing Hour

For more than 25 years, Mortgage Investors Group (MIG) has been committed to helping Tennesseans fulfill their dreams of homeownership. The company has served more than 97,500 clients in excess of $14.5 billion since co-founders Chuck Tonkin II and Chrissi Rhea opened a modest lending office in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1989 with five colleagues. Today, with more than 275 employees in 23 branch locations from Memphis to the Tri-Cities, MIG is the largest independent provider of single-family residential mortgages in the state of Tennessee.

As the Tennessee Housing Development Agency’s (THDA) top lender for 13 successive years, MIG also enjoys a reputation for delivering unparalleled service to first-time homebuyers. The firm’s experienced mortgage experts take pride in providing personalized service aimed at helping borrowers find the best solution for their home financing needs when they need it. In addition to offering competitive rates and a diversified line of residential mortgage products, including government and conventional loans, MIG houses on-site underwriting, processing and appraisal services and employs state-of-the-art technology to ensure a swift and professional lending experience.

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Reverse Mortgages



HOUSINGHOUR_BannerAd_700x300Special Guest

Specialty Products Sales Manager                      Brentwood Office

Sam Hawkins,

joins The Housing Hour to discuss his role as Specialty Products Sales Managers for Mortgage Investors Group. Segment one, we discuss the growing volume of jumbo loans(loans over $417,000) in our various markets. Segment two through four we discuss the growing need and advantages of the Reverse Mortgage.

 Reverse Mortgages

If you are a homeowner age 62 or older and have paid off your mortgage or paid down a considerable amount, and are currently living in the home, you may participate in FHA’s Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) program.  The HECM is FHA’s reverse mortgage program that enables you to withdraw a portion of your home’s equity.

You can also use a reverse mortgage to purchase a primary residence if you are able to use cash on hand to pay the difference between the reverse proceeds and the sales price plus closing costs for the property you are purchasing.

How the Program Works

There are many factors to consider before deciding whether a reverse is right for you.  To aid in this process, you must meet with a reverse mortgage counselor to discuss program eligibility requirements, financial implications and alternatives to obtaining a reverse mortgage and repaying the loan. Counselors will also discuss provisions for the mortgage becoming due and payable.  Upon the completion of the counseling, you should be able to make an independent, informed decision of whether this product will meet your specific needs.

There are borrower and property eligibility requirements that must be met.  You can use the listing below to see if you qualify. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can contact a reverse mortgage loan officer by contacting a Mortgage Investors Group.  MIG will discuss other requirements of the reverse mortgage program, such as first year payment limitations, available payment options, the loan approval process, and repayment terms.

Borrower Requirements

You must:

Property Requirements

The following eligible property types must meet all FHA property standards and flood requirements:

Financial Requirements

For adjustable interest rate mortgages, you can select one of the following payment plans:

For fixed interest rate mortgages, you will receive the Single Disbursement Lump Sum payment plan.

Mortgage Amount Based On

The amount you may borrower will depend on:

If there is more than one borrower and no eligible non-borrowing spouse, the age of the youngest borrower is used to determine the amount you can borrow.

The best place to start is by contacting a Mortgage Investors Group loan officers to discuss all the reverse mortgage advantages.

Keep On TRID’n



cathy_neubertiSenior Vice President Director of Operations,

Cathy Neubert joins the TRID conversation this week on The Housing Hour. Cathy has been working diligently for the last year and a half at getting MIG ready for one of the industries biggest changes in lending history.  Learn everything you need to know by tuning in this week and sharing this podcast with everyone you know!

 Part I

Keep On TRID’n

Will the new mortgage disclosures delay my closing?

Not for MIG!

When the Know Before You Owe mortgage disclosure rule becomes effective, lenders must give you new, easier-to-use disclosures about your loan three business days before closing. This gives you time to review the terms of the deal before you get to the closing table.
Many things can change in the days leading up to closing. Most changes will not require your lender to give you three more business days to review the new terms before closing. The new rule allows for ordinary changes that do not alter the basic terms of the deal.

Only THREE changes require a new 3–day review:
1. The APR (annual percentage rate) increases by more than 1/8 of a percent for fixed-rate loans or 1/4 of a percent for adjustable loans.1 A decrease in APR will not require a new 3-day review if it is based on changes to interest rate or other fees.
2. A prepayment penalty is added, making it expensive to refinance or sell.
3. The basic loan product changes, such as a switch from fixed rate to adjustable interest rate or to a loan with interest-only payments.

NO OTHER changes require a new 3–day review:
There has been much misinformation and mistaken commentary around this point. Any other changes in the days leading up to closing do not require a new 3-day review, although the lender will still have to provide an updated disclosure.
For example, the following circumstances do not
require a new 3-day review:
▪ Unexpected discoveries on a walk-through such as a broken refrigerator or a missing stove, even if they require seller credits to the buyer.
▪ Most changes to payments made at closing, including the amount of the real estate commission, taxes and utilities proration, and the amount paid into escrow.
▪ Typos found at the closing table.

Listen to our show and learn more!

Cathy’s bio:

As Senior Vice President Director of Operations, Cathy leads both the underwriting and compliance teams for MIG. She collaborates with MIG’s experienced in-house underwriters to position the company to be able to offer customers a broad variety of loan programs that meet the local market’s housing finance needs. She also works with the firm’s mortgage loan originators, branch managers and other leaders to make sure they stay current with federal and state compliance guidelines regulating the mortgage lending industry.

Cathy joined MIG in 2012 as Vice President Assistant Director of Operations before being promoted in February 2013 to her current role. In her 40-year career, she has gained first-hand experience in nearly every aspect of the home finance industry, including mortgage loan processing and originating, loan closings, underwriting and compliance. She also served as president of a title company while holding a title agent’s license. She is a past president of the Knoxville Mortgage Bankers Association and Tennessee Mortgage Bankers Association. In addition, she served as chair of the TMBA’s Educational Trust Fund.

Link to: CFPB


Celebrating Our Independence



Women of the Home Front- Bonus interview (CLICK HERE)

We celebrate our country’s birthday by interviewing two WWII veterans and discussing the 70 birthday of the Oak Ridge Pool.

Celebrating Our Independence

1st Segment: William C (Bill) Lane flew a  CARGO GLIDER, CG-4A, “WACO” during Operation Market Garden in the Netherlands.  It was the largest airborne operation up to that period of the war.  Bill tells the story and how he earned his purple heart.

bill lane200gliderGi’s inspect a crashed glider during Operation Market Garden

                          bill lane2 Bill receiving Purple Heart.

2nd Segment: Richard Gallaher was a farm boy from Kingston Tennessee. After Pearl Harbor was attached, he enlisted in the US Army and left college. Richard retells his story of his transition from rural USA to the US Army. richard

3rd Segment: Kevin and Mark discuss the 70th birthday of the Oak Ridge pool.  In the 1800’s it was known to travelers as the refreshing waters of Cross Springs, today it’s known as the refreshing waters of the Oak Ridge Pool.
Read the interesting history of this iconic swimming hole:


Mortgage Investors Group and The Housing Hour would like to honor our countries independence by thanking all our military veterans and those who are currently serving our country. We understand and are so grateful for the sacrifices you have made for her freedom. MIG would also like to honor the memory of those who have died defending our nation and their families who have given so much for her defense.
Happy 4th of July and God Bless Our Country!

Plus Bonus Interview:

Women on the Home Front- Elsie Gilford



Salute from the Shore


Honoring American Armed Forces on

The Fourth of July

solute bannerSalute from the Shore

The State of South Carolina prepares for the 6th annual, ‘Salute from the Shores’, on July 4th. This event gives family, friends, and the country a chance to honor our Armed Forces on Independence Day. Various WWII vintage aircraft escorted by F-16’s will fly the coastline of South Carolina, from slightly North of Myrtle Beach to just a little south of Hilton Head. Beach-goers have the opportunity to watch the historic flight while waving flags and writing encouraging messages on the sand.
Having participated in the solute for the past five years, I can tell you there is nothing more exhilarating than holding the US flag, high overhead as then planes roar down the coast. It’s a memory that will last a lifetime.
Mortgage Investors Group and The Housing Hour would like to celebrate our countries independence by thanking all our military veterans and those who are currently serving our country. We understand and are so grateful for the sacrifices you have made for her freedom. MIG would also like to honor the memory of those who have died defending our nation and their families who have given so much for her defense.
Happy 4th of July and God Bless Our Country!



solute poster

Prudent Energy: Home Energy Audit



Special Guest

Scott Higgins

Prudent Energy Systems

scottis special guest this week on The Housing Hour.  Scott just recently completed a Home Energy Audit on the home of the President of Mortgage Investors Group, Chrissi Rhea.  We will discuss the findings of that audit plus the incredible  benefits of having a Home Energy Audit.

Prudent Energy: Home Energy Audit

These are the considerations that a home performance contractor sets out to address, while taking into account the interconnectedness of homes, and the relationships between each of the home’s components. In accord with this holistic approach, a home performance contractor will assess, and then address, any of these potential problems within a home.

As mentioned above, home performance is based upon what we call the 5 pillars of home performance:

kevin and scott

Topics Today

1) Safety: Assessing the safety of a home is an important part (maybe the most important) of a home performance contractor’s job. Back-drafting appliances that may be sending carbon monoxide into the home, unsafe levels of formaldehyde from building materials, are all potential safety issues that a home performance contractor is trained to address.

2) Health: Indoor air quality is listed by the EPA as one of the top environmental threats to human health. A home performance contractor’s job is to ensure that your home’s indoor air quality is not a threat to you or your family’s health.

3) Comfort: Our home is our refuge. It should be comfortable. Drafty rooms, cold spots, unpleasant humidity and heat in the summer, poor quality lighting or incandescent lighting that creates unnecessary excess heat in the summer, are all avoidable unpleasantries.  A home performance contractor can help.

4) Durability: Imperfections within a building, in addition to causing discomfort raising health concerns, can also have long term repercussions. Moisture problems causing rot in framing, or insufficient insulation causing ice dams, are among the durability concerns that a home performance contractor will pinpoint, then tackle.

5) Efficiency: Last but not least, home performance is about ensuring that a home is cost effective to live in. If a mechanic told you that a few simple improvements could drastically improve the fuel efficiency of your car, that’s something most of us would jump on. That’s what a home performance contractor does for your house.

Check out our:

Energy Star Series and Energy Efficiency in Homes Series

TRID Rule Coming Soon



jessemarkFSpecial Guest

Jesse A. Lehn,

Executive Vice President,

Mortgage Investors Group

joins The Housing Hour to discuss the big change in home loan closing procedure issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that will take effect August 1st.  The change may seem to be confusing and cumbersome  but with the experienced team at Mortgage Investors Group, our customers closing will remain smooth and worry free.

Consumer Protection Series

TRIDPart I   TRID Rule Coming Soon

Why TRID and What Is It?

Link: CFPB Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

For more than 30 years, Federal law has required lenders to provide two different disclosure forms to consumers applying for a mortgage. The law also generally has required two different forms at or shortly before closing on the loan. Two different Federal agencies developed these forms separately, under two Federal statutes: the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act of 1974 (RESPA). The information on these forms is overlapping and the language is inconsistent. Consumers often find the forms confusing, and lenders and settlement agents find the forms burdensome to provide and explain.
The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank Act) directs the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (Bureau) to integrate the mortgage loan disclosures under TILA and RESPA Sections 4 and 5. Section 1032(f) of the Dodd-Frank Act mandated that the Bureau propose for public comment rules and model disclosures that integrate the TILA and RESPA disclosures by July 21, 2012. The Bureau satisfied this statutory mandate and issued proposed rules and forms on July 9, 2012. To accomplish this, the Bureau engaged in extensive consumer and industry research, analysis of public comment, and public outreach for more than a year. After issuing the proposal, the Bureau conducted a large-scale quantitative study of its proposed integrated disclosures with approximately 850 consumers, which concluded that the Bureau’s integrated disclosures had on average statistically significant better performance than the current disclosures under TILA and RESPA. The Bureau has now finalized a rule with new, integrated disclosures – Integrated Mortgage Disclosures Under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (Regulation X) and the Truth In Lending Act (Regulation Z) (78 FR 7973, Dec. 31, 2013) (TILA-RESPA rule). The TILA-RESPA rule also provides a detailed explanation of how the forms should be filled out and used.
First, the Good Faith Estimate (GFE) and the initial Truth-in-Lending disclosure (initial TIL) have been combined into a new form, the Loan Estimate. Similar to those forms, the new Loan Estimate form is designed to provide disclosures that will be helpful to consumers in understanding the key features, costs, and risks of the mortgage loan for which they are applying, and must be provided to consumers no later than the third business day after they submit a loan application. Second, the HUD-1 and final Truth-in-Lending disclosure (final TIL and, together with the initial TIL, the Truth-in-Lending forms) have been combined into another new form, the Closing Disclosure, which is designed to provide disclosures that will be helpful to consumers in understanding all of the costs of the transaction. This form must be provided to consumers at least three business days before consummation of the loan.
The forms use clear language and design to make it easier for consumers to locate key information, such as interest rate, monthly payments, and costs to close the loan. The forms also provide more information to help consumers decide whether they can afford the loan and to facilitate comparison of the cost of different loan offers, including the cost of the loans over time.
The final rule applies to most closed-end consumer mortgages. It does not apply to home equity lines of credit (HELOCs), reverse mortgages, or mortgages secured by a mobile home or by a dwelling that is not attached to real property (i.e., land).
The TILA-RESPA rule is effective August 1, 2015.

Tindell’s Building Materials


This Week on


Special Guests:

tindellsJason Tindell

Contractor Consultant




prudent scott

Tindell’s Building Materials –ENERGY STAR Partner

For over a hundred years, the Tindell name has been associated with wood in one form or another. In 1907, the hills of East Tennessee provided the beginning of the family tradition when Fate Tindell began producing lumber from his steam-powered sawmill. The father of 16 children began his sawmill by buying and cutting timber in Knox, Union and Anderson counties, moving his sawmill from one timber tract to another.

Tindells_Log_Mill_TBy the time of the Depression, Mr. Tindell had acquired a large amount of land including tracts in the Halls area of Knoxville. With the establishment of good roads, he set up a permanent sawmill on a tract in Halls. The Depression took its toll and he lost most of his other properties to satisfy notes that he had co-signed, but he managed to keep the sawmill operation.

In 1938, Francis Tindell joined his father in the saw milling business and continued the business upon the forced retirement of Fate due to the amputation of both legs caused by diabetes. A planing mill was added in 1948 and Francis began selling lumber to builders in the Knoxville area.

During the 1950’s, Paul Tindell joined his father in the business and the transition from a sawmill operation to a building material business began to evolve. Tindell’s Building Supply was established. Appropriately, the first building material center was located across the road from the sawmill.

In 1960, the second sales and supply center was opened in nearby Maynardville. This officially transferred the tradition of growth from saw milling to building materials. Upon Francis’ death in 1964, his other son, Carl, joined his brother at Tindell’s. A cousin, Richard Tindell, joined the company during the 60’s.

In 1972, Tindell’s expanded once again with the opening of an Oak Ridge location and a roof truss operation in Halls. As Tindell’s began to grow during the 70’s, Carl Tindell purchased his brother’s share of the business and became the sole owner and President of Tindell’s. In 1979, Tindell’s expanded once again opening another building material center in LaFollette.

During the 80’s, Tindell’s merged the Maynardville center with the Halls facility and started installing garage doors for its customers. Later, installation of fireplaces and vinyl siding was added. In 1989, the original sales and service center was moved into a newly constructed building across the road. The first Tindell lumber yard center still stands and is where the Corporate Office resides today.

In 1993 a new facility was acquired in the Karns area of Knoxville to house our expanding truss manufacturing plant. A Millwork Division was added in 1995. In 1997 Installed Sales added the services of insulation and punch-out. Our fourth retail facility was opened in Sevierville in 1997 and the International Division exported building materials to Korea. Our President, Carl Tindell, served as Chairman of the National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association during 1997.

A decline in the new home construction market as well as an unusually rainy first six months of 1998 caused Tindell’s to reduce its projected sales and streamline its operations to meet this reduction. However, starting in July of 1998, sales steadily increased with October being the highest month. The company’s market plan developed during the last half of 1998 and proposed to position Tindell’s for growth during 1999 via a customer relationship management approach.

Record sales of over $31,000,000 during 1999 indicated that Tindell’s re-engineering over the prior couple of years had indeed positioned the company as a strong leader among its competitors as well as in the building material industry.


 Prudent Energy Systems- Scott Higgins:


We are a full service home performance building company serving the Knoxville area.  Our services include:

We work to maximize your home’s energy efficiency, eradicate any indoor air quality and other safety problems at the source, and optimize building durability and integrity.  Capable of working as a 3rd party verifier or as a turnkey performance contractor, we will work to ensure your goals are achieved. We’re certified, verified, and have over 20 years of experience under our tool belt.

Feel free to call us or shoot an email for a free consultation, where you’ll speak with a friendly customer service representative trained to walk you through exactly what sort of work we do on a day-to-day basis to improve homes like yours, as well as what energy efficiency rebates and tax credits may be available in your area. We look forward to hearing from you!