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Real Estate Year In Review


Special Guest

Tyler Fogarty

Fox and Fogarty

with Realty Executives in Knoxville joins The Housing Hour this week to give us some expert tips on how to handle a Real Estate transaction.    Tyler’s eleven year experience has given him a unique persective on customer service.  Tyler also gives us the ‘Real Estate Year In Review’ and a look into 2019.


Tyler Fogarty

If you have only ever worked with Tyler Fogarty, you have likely only met “professional” Tyler. Hard-working, efficient, friendly, and eternally committed to getting the job done, Tyler is ranked among the best brokers in the state! But quietly, Tyler has another side. A natural-born left-brainer, he is an incredibly talented photographer, and in the little spare time he has, enjoys indulging that talent across the globe with his better half, Marianna. From the Grand Canyon to Wyoming, Japan to the Gulf of Mexico, Tyler refuses to leave this world without experiencing every iota of it, which most don’t know considering how hard he works every day to bring folks home in East Tennessee. Yes, as they say, there are two sides to any coin, but rarely are both sides so freakin’ awesome. To put it as Tyler might, he’s sorta like a more sophisticated Bruce Banner/The Hulk. In fact, you should ask him about his well-managed obsession with comic books when you hire him to list your home. But do it quickly, because he’ll probably sell that sucker in a day or two!

Air Date 4/13/13: Tyler Fogarty-REALTOR


We continue our Home Ownership Matters Series:

Special Guest: Tyler Fogarty, Realtor with  Realty Executives Associates

Tyler FogartyTyler Fogarty, Realtor

Realty Executives Associates

109 Northshore Dr. Ste 200
Knoxville, TN 37919

Office:(865) 588-3232
Mobile:(865) 414-6145
Fax:(865) 251-3232

Tyler joins The Housing Hour with a fascinating discussion regarding the recent surge in home buying activity the local Real Estate Market. He brings his passion to the Home Ownership Matter Series by describing the current biding wars that are occurring and ways to come out on top. Tyler discusses how his parents, who are also in the business, have helped  shaped him into one of the top agents in Knoxville and the surrounding markets. He also shares his philosophy of doing quality business with his  customers and the meticulous way he communicates all phases of the transaction.

For more than five years, Tyler Fogarty has built his reputation at Realty Executives by listening to his clients and providing the most accurate information for them to make the best decisions for their family. A Knoxville native and Real Estate expert, Tyler is known for his commitment to service and follow-through. Tyler Fogarty is your friendly guide helping you successfully navigate the Knoxville real estate market.

We cover all topics regarding the current market, so you don’t want to miss this crucial show!

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