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The Housing Hour -Aired 6/23/2012


Our Guests:

Special guest Terry Adams , Adams Law Firm and Admiral Title, joins The Housing Hour. We will discuss legal issue that effect housing and related industries. Also, Terry talks about his contract negotiating  services for Athletes and Entertainers. Terry has offices in Knoxville and Nashville.

The second segment we will be talking to Bavy Lopez,Assistant General Agent, Capital Financial Group, LLC regarding investment strategies and insurances. Bavy discusses his’3 ‘flavors’ of advisers and describes :Financial Junk Drawers-Paralysis by Analysis-Blood is Thicker than Water.

Our last segment will be be highlighting Clayton Center for the Arts, “Music in the Air” Festival coming up at the Ronald And Lynda Nutt Theatre, June 29th-July1st. Executive Director, Robert Hutchens talks about The Center and its diversified out reach programs.