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History of The University of Tennessee


Special Guest

Dr. Bob Hutton

Department of History and the American Studies

at the University of Tennessee joins The Housing Hour this week to share his passion for history, writing, and research on the history of the University of Tennessee. Dr. Hutton explains the humble beginnings of the university and how it prevailed through the turbulent time of the Civil War.

Topics Include

History of The University of Tennessee

Post Civil War Reconstruction

Progressive Era

Jim Crow Laws


Dr. Hutton teaches class in the Department of History and the American Studies curricula, with specializations in the American South and Appalachia. He is currently researching the private security industry in Progressive Era Appalachia, with special emphasis on the relationship between Jim Crow and southern capitalism.


Ph.D. Vanderbilt University, 2009

Also, order Dr. Hutton Book

“Bloody Breathitt”: Politics & Violence in the Appalachian South (University Press of Kentucky, 2013)

The Housing Hour-Air Date 10-13-12 Energy Efficiency Part 2: TVA


Energy Efficiency Part 2: TVA

Presented by:

Mortgage Investors Group

 The Best of the Housing Hour:

With winter weather just around the corner….its time to re-visit Home Energy Efficiency!

Special Guest – Frank Rapleygeneral manager in Energy Efficiency Program Design with TVA

Websites mentioned:

We talk to TVA about saving energy in your home! Frank Rapley, the General Manger of Energy Efficiency Program Design will be our guest.

Frank talks about Home Energy savings programs for every part of your home. The discussion takes us front attic insulation to foundation efficiencies. We also talk about heat pumps and hot water heaters. TVA has a savings plan for you with great cash rebates and possible tax credits!!  Start by contacting your utility company and asking about the TVA, In-Home Energy Evaluation Program.

Our last segment is with The Housing Hour’s own expert:

Dr. Michael Simspon, UT  Professor and ORNL Scientist. Dr. Simpson continues our discussion on home energy efficiencies and sums up today’s show with Kevin and Mark.